Patrice Moreau was born in 1953 in Chinon. He is married, with two children, he lives and works in Saumur.

         His childhood was marked by the past and the narratives of his father who had been a prisoner in Germany, but also by the presence of the American troops stationed in the forest of Chinon until 1967. In 1965 he entered E.M.P.T in Le Mans, a military school that would leave deep marks on him: he was twelve at that time.


        He concealed his passionate interest for art as a whole during his childhood and his teen-years when only “work” was considered of a real value. From 1973 everything changed when he met his wife Nathalie whose family members, all with high intellectual breadth, were of great support for him.


         He could at last give free rein to his inclinations, playing music, drawing. During his studies as a specialised teacher first then in psychology at Lyon III University, he was to meet Henri André Martin, a professor of medicine, a painter himself with a passion for art. Henri André Martin encouraged him to show a few of his drawings and thus to participate in his first exhibition in Lyon.

      In 1984, he settled in Saumur with his family and discovered the art of engraving in the studio of René Léraud who introduced him to many techniques, in a both friendly and affective atmosphere. Patrice Moreau had found his master and with him he created his first sculptures

     Very soon he set up his own studio in Saumur. He was supported in his work by the engraver and academician Louis-René Berge. He had more and more projects and met with many different artists.


       In 1999 he carried out the complete editing of Grau-Garriga’s engravings presented at the exhibition “Viva Espana” along with Joan Miro and Antoni Tapiès.

Meanwhile he continued his work as a sculptor and realised his bronzes with the art-founder Couffignal.

      As a member of the France Xylon group—he was once its chairman—he took an active part with Jean-Pierre Lecuyer, an engraver artist, in the organisation of two triennial exhibitions of contemporaneous engravings in the museum of Saint Dié des Vosges whose curator was the Daniel Grandidier.

       He has been a member in the jury of the Taylor Foundation.

For 30 years he has shared his time between his work as an artist and his presence with adolescents in great social difficulty.


      “His first passion had always been art, the second one, the science of life, the science of man in his environment. In the two approaches of life, he had the same incentive to have an insight basically of all that makes life. In his studio in Saumur, through various media, engraving, drawing and sculpture, his polymorphous work, halfway between conception and intuition explores the territories of intimacy, the relation to the Other, to nature and the problems related to the planet”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Francine Méoule

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Art Historian



Group Exhibition

  • Salon de la Société Lyonnaise des Beaux-Arts - Lyon 1987
  • Galerie BWA - Czestochowie-Pologne 1994
  • Le Trait - Hôtel Scipion-Paris 1995
  • Galerie Atelier 19 - Tours 1996
  • 4ème Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes Petit Format - Chamalière 1997
  • Agart World Print Festival - Ljubiana, Slovénie 1998
  • Somar Galerie - San Francisco, U.S.A. 1998
  • 4a Muestra Latinoamericane y 1a Internacional de Miniprit  -  Rosario, Argentine 1999
  • Galerie Kortil-Rijeka, Croatie 1999
  • Galerie Artgument - Montbazon  2000 - 2001 - 2008
  • Muséo Municipal de Artes Visuales -  " Sor Josefa Diaz y Clucellas" -  Santa Fe, Argentine 2001
  • Musée Pierre Noël - Groupe Xylon - Saint Dié des Vosges 2001
  • 5ème Biennale Europea per incisione - Aqui Terme, Italie  2001
  • International Exhibition of Small Graphic - Aqtobe, Kazakhstan  2001
  • Musée Pierre Noël - 1ère  Triennale de gravure sur bois - Saint Dié des Vosges  2002
  • Musée Pierre Noël - 2ème Triennale de gravure sur bois - Saint Dié des Vosges  2005
  •  Musée Pierre Noël - " Bois Gravé Contemporain " - Saint Dié des Vosges  2007
  • Centre d'Art Contemporain Fernet Branca -" Xylon 14 " - Saint-louis  2008
  • L'Entrepôt - " Xylon en Piste"- Lachine - Montréal,  Canada  2010
  • Maison de la culture  " 26 graveurs sur bois" - Rosemont La Petite Patrie - Montréal,
  • Canada  2011     
  • Journée de l'Estampe - " Xylon France" - Paris  2014
  • Théâtre le Dôme - Saumur  2016

Solo Show

  • Galerie Argument - Montbazon 2006
  • Médiathèque Victor Hugo - Saint Dié des Vosges 2002
  • Galerie Argument avec Serge Labégorre - Esvres 2002
  • Grand Théâtre - Angers 2002
  • Galerie des Remparts - Le Mans 2001
  • Bibliothèque Universitaire - Angers 1999
  • Galerie Artgument - Montbazon 1999

Public Collections

  • Bibliothèque Nationale de France - Paris
  • Bibliothèque Royale Albert 1er - Bruxelles - Belgique
  • Bibliothèque Municipale - Chalon-sur-Saône
  • California Society of Printmakers - Emeryville, U.S.A.
  • Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée - La Louvière, Belgique
  • Médiathèque Charles-Gautier-Hermeland - Saint Herblain
  • Médiathèque Victor Hugo - Saint Dié des Vosges
  • Médiathèque Toussaint - Angers
  • Musée des Beaux- Arts  - Nancy
  • Musée du dessin et de l'Estampe Originale - Gravelines
  • Musée Pierre Bayle - Le Carla Bayle
  • Musée d'Art Contemporain - A.M.A.C. - Chamalières
  • Musée Pierre Noël - Saint Dié des Vosges
  • Musée de l'Imprimerie - Nantes
  • Städtisches  Kunstmuseum Spendhaus- Reutlingen, Allemagne
  • University Library of Rijeka - Croatie
  • Ville de Chambray Lès Tours

Publications / Catalogues

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